Reflections #5: Balancing Act – The Cost of Choice

As a young professional, I’ve learned that every choice we make comes with a cost, especially when it comes to career decisions. I’ve always had a passion for travel and adventure, and when the opportunity to move abroad to France for work presented itself, I was excited about the potential benefits of the opportunity. However, I quickly realized that the cost of being far from my family and friends, and raising my daughter away from her extended family, was much higher than I had anticipated.

Although I had lived far from home before, in South Africa, which was close enough to Mozambique that I could visit my family frequently, moving to France was a completely different story. The prospect of a high-paying job with the potential for professional growth and exciting cultural experiences was incredibly appealing. However, the thought of being far from my loved ones was a significant concern.

As a parent, I knew that raising my daughter in a foreign country would be a challenge. She would be far from her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, and we would miss out on important family milestones and celebrations. I also knew that I would miss my family and friends tremendously. The thought of being far from my support system and the people who meant the most to me was a difficult pill to swallow.

I had to weigh the opportunity cost of this decision carefully. Ultimately, I decided to move to France. It was a difficult choice to make, but the potential benefits were too great to ignore. The experience broadened my perspective and helped me develop a more global outlook on life.
Furthermore, the move allowed me to expand my professional network and make valuable connections in my industry. The experience opened doors that would not have been possible had I not made the move.

However, the cost of being away from my family and friends is not easy to bear. I miss important family milestones and events, and my daughter growing up without her extended family nearby. It is challenging to maintain close relationships with loved ones from afar, and I often felt isolated and lonely.

In hindsight, the cost of being away from my family was a high one to pay, and it’s not something I would take lightly in the future. While the opportunities and rewards of my professional success were significant, it’s clear to me now that the value of close relationships and the support of loved ones cannot be underestimated.